CHAT about current prices in US/UK/France...

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  1. #1 Jan 6, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 3, 2011
  2. Marie Gallante $1855
    Croisiere 35 $1625
    Boeing 30 $2250
    St. Louis PM $940
    St. Louis GM $1040
    Fidji $1250
    Urbain GM $2150

    I'll see if I can add some more later but to the best of my knowledge those prices are fairly accurate.
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  3. so the price in france for the st louis pm is the same as here in the states..$940???
    for some reason i thought it was less...:smile:
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  4. No, I was just listing US prices. I don't know about France.
    You titles the thread US/UK/France...I was just adding what I know about the US.;)
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  5. price for the Jeanne style would be greatly appreciated :flowers:
  6. My St Louis GM was about $300 cheaper in Paris than in the US once you factor in the taxes they refund and the NYC sales tax. Definitely worth buying in Paris if you can.
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  7. My friend in Paris says he might drop by in a few days to find out some prices on the Boeing 55 and the Ambassade for me! I will report back ASAP. :biggrin:
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  8. Thank you AmourCouture!

    yup, nymifashion, seems like France beats NYC for Goyard shopping. One more reason to go...
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  9. I got an email reply from Paris that St Louis PM is Euro430 without tax,so it's really much cheaper to buy in Paris than US.
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  10. So the St. Louis PM with tax costs 515€ in Paris. 17% tax off, nice for the non-EU guys :biggrin:

    St. Louis PM - $940/515€ (Paris)/£480 (London)
    St. Louis GM - $1095/ £580 (London)
    Fidji - $960
    Croisiere 35 (basic colors) - 950€ (Paris in 2006)
    Croisiere 35 (special colors) - 1235€ (Paris in 2006)
    Top Handle Tote
    Saigon PM
    Saigon GM
    Sac Vendome PM - $3,170
    Sac Vendome GM - $3,680
    Grand Bleu MM/ Urbaine
    Grand Bleu PM
    Tau Tau
    Commores Tote - $1850
    Boeing 45 - $1,850
    Boeing 55 - $2,620
    Boeing 65 - $2,960
    St. Martin
    Okinawa PM (basic colors)- 850€ (Paris in 2006)
    Okinawa PM (special colors) - 1105€ (Paris in 2006)
    Urbain (Basic Colors) - 880€ (Paris in 2006)
    Urbain (Special colors) - 1155€ (Paris in 2006)

    Zippe wallet - $890
    Folding card case
    6 key holder
    Coin wallet
    Pochette (same as attached to St. Louis) - $300
    Small billfold
    Long checkbook/ organizer
    Trifold wallet

    Bois clutch
    Senate pouch
    Hanove clutch
    St. Honore clutch

    Ambassade briefase
    Major Dome suitcase
    Laptop sleeve - $830

    Initials - $155
    Stripes - $155

    copied from the reference library
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  11. Hello, I received an email from Paris & the price of the Fidji is E690 without taxes.
  12. I purchased a Boeing 45 from Barneys in Beverly Hills late November 09 for U$D 2315 pre-tax.

  13. When you ask for a price in France, ask with taxes. Simply because you can't buy them without taxes, even if you can claim 12% back (taxes are 20%).
    I should go next week to the shop and write down prices.
  14. Yes, the posted price on the list is incorrect. The Boeing 30 ia $2250 last time I checked.
  15. Actually, if you purchase the bag without ever setting foot in Paris (ie order through phone or email), you are charged a price WITHOUT VAT. So it's much easier for us non-EU residents to calculate.