CHAT about Celine finds & intel - HERE!!

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  1. It was brought up that some of the ladies like to be able to talk about the items being posted in the "finds & intel" thread. The problem with that is that once a brand blows up, such as Celine has, it becomes really hard to weed out the actual finds with all the cross talk going on. Not only that but many people subscribe to these threads and get alerted every time a post is added, they come rushing to the thread only find chatter about something non-related to an actual find.

    So we are keeping the original "finds and intel" a chat free thread and any in depth discussion related to Celine finds can go here. :flowers:
  2. Did you see the poll? :biggrin:
  3. ^ LOL.. Nope.

    Well, if it turns out that we allow chat back in, I'll delete this one. Eventually though, the deals thread will get messy and hard to follow with all the chat going on.
  4. Lol! :P

    Well... Indy had a great idea. Now, the shoppin intel and finds was always about retail. SA discussions, who ships where, etc etc. The eBay and Bonz thread was definitely more of a traditional deals thread. I mentioned this somewhere else but what is interesting about Celine in particular is that these bags are not readily available, so "deals" rarely if ever pop up. Anyhow, Indy mentioned that perhaps we could sticky that thread and remove the chat, and put the original shopping intel sticky back the way it was. Although looking at the poll results, it doesn't seem like most of us want the no chat rule implemented.
  5. No worries. Whatever the poll says is fine. The thing is, that thread has a lot of other chat going on too. Not just chat about finds. There needs to be some organization so people can can find the info.. however it has to happen.

    Imma close this since I realized someone has already made of these. We'll get this squared away soon. Whatever Swanky decides after the poll has run it's course. :flowers:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.