Chartreuse + Vert Anis = which color is which?

  1. :confused1:

    Can someone do a fairly more accurate side by side photo of these 2 colors? I am so baffled. Is chartreuse a more olivey tone than the vert anis?

    A decision is needed like... in a few hours!
  2. I don't have pics but in Togo/clemence chartreuse is a true Celery green and Vert Anis is more of a bright apple green.
    In chevre, Vert Anis is slightly more subdued but more yellow in tone.
  3. mrs. T, this is the vert anis :


    let me find a chartreuse for you........
  4. That's right - go to the Ode to Bolide thread and search for Baggaholic's chartreuse Bolide.
  5. chartreuse is sooo pretty!
  6. How about a comparison of the two in chevre? Anyone have pics?
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Baggs' bolide^^
  9. I think MK has a Vert Anis Birkin on eBay right now, I remember seeing it last night....
  10. Darn, just went looking on this computer for pics of my 25cm vert anis togo Birkin and can't find them! This is a good question re color differences and one that I have had myself. I always thought that chartreuse had more yellow in it. I do believe the type of leather makes a big difference here and that togo and chevre read quite differently with these colors. If you need a quick decision all that I could offer is that the differences probably won't be all that great and you should decide more on the bag style and leather. If you love green, you should be fine either way.
  11. I actually love vert cru best. that's a leather color long discontinued i think. year 2003 color...
  12. Paz, that's sooo pretty. thats what i actually was thinking id rather get than the chartreuse. i feel that thre's a bit of olive in chartreuse... if im not wrong.