Chartreuse joins the Family! A Reveal!

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  1. I collected my 3rd H on saturday. I Present 30 Clemence Chartreuse with P h/w.
    Together with BJ 30 and Raisin 35.
    Now i just need a Lindy and im done.. REALLY!! "Yeah! RIGHT! :rolleyes:" -> SO
    And a new pair of Fendi ballerina flats to match my bag. :yahoo:
  2. So beautiful!
  3. Gorgeous I love chartreuse. Congrats Chpwhy :tup:
  4. good choice, chpwhy! congrats. I have a lindy in chartreuse and I love the color soooooo much!!!! Enjoy her to good health!
  5. Those are absoluteley gorgeous colors. I want them. Maybe oneday.
  6. congrats! lovely colors....
  7. Beautiful collection!! Keep going!! You know you want to!:devil::happydance: Enjoy all of them!!
  8. Very nice collection!
  9. Congrats on your little H family!
  10. what a beautiful bag!!!
  11. I'm sorry to not pay enough attention to your new beauty, but I saw Raisin and I can't really concentrate anymore :s

    But really I would like to see modeling pics with your new bag!!!! Chartreuse is not a color I would get for myself but it looks so fascinating! I would like to see it in action!!! :biggrin:

    You have a beautiful family, now hurry up and get that Lindy! (in ardoise :biggrin:)
  12. Congratulations chpwhy! Chartreuse is beautiful! Your H-family is gorgeous!
  13. Congrats!!
  14. Beautiful bag, love the shoes also! Enjoy!!
  15. great colours in the family! Congrats!