charmy bag.

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  1. any canadian seen this bag in their local gucci boutiques? anyone knows if this is on sale? tia
  2. sorry, let me clarify , it's the charmy med. shoulder bag
  3. anyhow, bought it today for $579 CAD + 14% taxes.

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  4. Oh! So this is the one. It looks pretty cute! But I'd still prefer a jolicoeur tote. You got this at the Holt Renfrew on Bloor?
  5. yes, it was the last and only one left according to the SA
  6. i saw this at the gucci in hotel van. it wasn't my cup of tea but it is on sale.
  7. i like this tote becuase it has a magnetic snap that closese the bag. everytime i use my joli tote i feel very exposed, and when i put it in the back seat, everything always falls out.
  8. meeeks, do you know how much this bag is on sale for? tks.
  9. sorry i didn't ask. the sa was so cute, she was so hush hush about everything and she showed me a couple of old totes that was around 400 from 800. i just bought the mini belt bag in pink for 279 and the flap french wallet in pink for 119, i'll go back and check the rest out on tuesday even though it will probobly be gone by the time i get there. i didn't see any joli totes though, maybe everything was hidden?
  10. Hey meeeks, did you see the joliceur medium tote at the gucci in hotel van? If so, do you have their contact number so I could call to inquiry?

    This is what the joliceur medium tote looks like:

  11. i saw the charmy bag in white trim. there were 3 left at the gucci boutique in hotel vancouver. it was $550 from $835 :smile:
  12. genevieve, didnt see any joli totes but maybe it wasnt displayed, if you want i can give you the SA's number. she's so sweet.
  13. Hey meeeks, Could you pls give me her number then? Thanks :smile:
  14. i dont want to post her number and i could msg it to you

    but the gucci number is 604-488-0320

    good luck!
  15. Oh that's fine. I guess the boutique number is all I need.