1. I had a quick question about some older letter charms. I'm not that crazy about the colors they have in the stores now and I have not been able to find the letters I would like on eBay or in the outlets. Can anyone tell me if they think JAX will still have some of these older charms? If yes, does anyone have the style # for the K charm that is purple, red and pink and the C charm that is pink, white and red? Thanks!
  2. also

    try calling, or going to a near by outlet, i was at mine today and they had the older letter charms
  3. Thanks for you help! I've seen those on eBay but Im not sure I want to spend more on eBay than if I bought them at the boutique. Also, I was at my local outlet and they are all out of letters. Does anyone know the item numbers for these charms so that if I call JAX there is no confusion?
  4. The K you want is #8082

    Dunno bout C
  5. I think they were deleted and sent to the outlets, not sure. they are all nickel and the new ones are brass so if you want them for a bag with brass hardware then they won't match
  6. I'm not so much worried about the brass and nickel differences as I like the colors of the older letter charms. I'm not that crazy about the natural and muted colors that are in the boutiques right now. If anyone knows the item numbers for both the K and the C I would really appreciate it. JAX told me that #8082 is not a letter charm, thanks for your help though luvmysheps22 and Mrs. MC