Charms Which One

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  1. "S"

  2. Watermelon

  3. Mini Ergo

  4. All three

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  1. Should i got the "s",watermelon,or mini ergo purse charm...or all three!
  2. I voted watermelon - I am lovin' mine right now. Although I have the letter too and it's totally cute... shoot, maybe I should've voted all three :shrugs:
  3. ^i have the watercolor hampton tote and i thought the watermelon would look so cute with it!
  4. Watermelon for the summer!!:heart:

    The S and/or the mini ergo for year round!! oh... why not... ALL 3!!:tup:
  5. I love them all!
  6. I am also lovin' my watermelon charm right now BUT...I voted all 3!

    The initial charm is $9.95 at the outlet right now!
  7. Depends on your bag! You should definitely get your initial. The watermelon is adorable too, but someone recently posted the ergo keyfob on their ergo and it was SO cute!:tender:
  8. wow 9.95 the only problem is the closet outlet is two hours away
  9. LOL, who wouldn't say all 3? I have the pink Ergo and it's incredibly cute - and useful. I keep my keys in it. I love the watermelon one too.
  10. i think i might have to get all three you guys are such a bad influence(but in a good way) :roflmfao:
  11. All Three!!!!!
  12. I would def. get the S and the watermelon... :tup:

    the mini ergo--- I could take it or leave it. :yes:
  13. hmm the ergo is cute though this is to hard
  14. All three....but the watermelon is my favorite.
  15. S and watermelon..