charms suggestions

  1. girls can u suggest any charms from the coach site for my signature gallery tote in black. thanks.
  2. Are you into matching the hardware of your bag to the hardware of your charm? And are you open to keyfobs as well? For me, I'm eyeing the new brass M charm for my white Ali and I also love the star luggage tag (I'm a star girl!!). As far as the keyfobs on the website, I'm not really "loving" any of them, but that's just my opinion.
  3. The flower charm is my favorite, the diff colours look great against black!
  4. where r the brass alphabet charms? r they at the website? yeah i am into matching the hardware of the charms with the hardware of the bag
  5. Yes, they're on the website under "charms." I really like how the brass ones come in neutral shades of browns and blues... VERY nice.
  6. I'd suggest an initial charm or the patchwork flower charm. Those are really cute! The flower would pop against the black too!