Charms?!??!?! or something else?

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I don't usually carry wallets, but all of a sudden I had this urge to get the Pochette Porte Monnaie wallet (see pic) from the Spring/Summer Charms collection, so now my SA's ordering one for me from Toronto to Montreal. After, I did a lil search on the forum to see if anyone else bought it, however, it seems like NO ONE has it and a lot of people don't like this line. I'm just thinking why not? Is it because of the price factor?
    Also, do you guys like the above wallet or the Vernis Framboise Bedford more? lol Thanks!
    LV.SS06Charms.Pochette Porte Monnaie.jpg
  2. I do like this line. I've seen it IRL before when it first came out (when I wasn't into LV) and I thought it was okay...but the more I look at it, the cuter it is. I saw the white pochette at school the other day and fell in love :love: I think maybe a lot of people don't like it, because the plasticy material on the outside makes the bag look cheap? :shrugs: I think it's very unique. Congrats!
  3. i love the distressed brown leather trim. its cute! go for it!
  4. I still love the Charms line. It wasn't very well liked here, but I got the fuchsia Pochette and the taupe Cabas. They're great pieces that you don't see all over. Plus, the leather is SO soft, it's unbelievable.
  5. Also, that picture from elux is wrong. The one with the brown leather around it is actually white. The fuchsia wallet has fuchsia leather trim.
  6. I can't find a picture of the wallet but the white uses that trim as shown in the elux picture (this one is from ebay):

    The fuchsia has fuchsia trim (this one is mine):

    And the taupe has the dark brown trim (this one is also mine):
  7. I think that is really cute. They look cuter irl. Love the fuchsia!
  8. its not cheap looking IMO, but it is a coated silk fabric type thing so maybe thats why. I THINK ITS GORGEOUS! I LOOOOOVE the cles as well! I CANT WAIT until u get it! It will be GORGEOUS!
  9. most everything lv looks better in real life...
  10. I had that wallet on my wishlist to look at when I was last at LV:graucho: , but they had none left. I love it - I already have the pouchette in the fuschia.
    The only thing that puts me off a little is the lock as the clasp ( at least I think that's the clasp??:shrugs: ) I think it would get really scratched and beaten around from opening it all the time.
  11. I'm a fan of the Charms line too :yahoo:It's gorgeous and doesn't look cheap at all IMO.
  12. The lock is just stationary, it doesn't actually work. It just has a snap behind it like the PTI wallets do :yes:
  13. Get the Charms wallet, Cecilia! I really love the line and honestly, I think it's the opposite of cheap, the line is made of silk covered in vinyl and the leather liner is so soft!
  14. Hehe, ya I know, thanks Rebecca! :biggrin:
    From my search, I only saw you and Michelle getting stuff from the Charms collection lol, thumbs up!!!:wlae:
    Also thanks for everyone's opinion! I'm gonna get it :biggrin:
  15. I like the charms too. I think they're cute and different.