Charms on your Purse?

  1. I've suddenly developed a fascination with bag charms! I just bought a Juicy Couture locket charm from the NM sale specifically to use on bags. But I was wondering if anyone could give me some recs for other cute (but inexpensive) charms that would work for bags? Also, feel free to share pics of your charms!

    This is the one I got:
  2. I love putting charms on my bags. Coach makes the best charms. I had pics of a lot of my bags wearing charms but after a computer crash I have not retaken them (and I can't search for them on tPF :crybaby:)
    P1100387.JPG P1100394.JPG skull1.JPG
  3. ^ Those are very cute!

    I have the older star charm with nickel hardware and gold leather on one side, silver on the other. I actually forgot all about it until now, because it's on a blue satin Hamptons bag that's very spring/summery so I haven't used it in awhile. I've never tried that charm on a non-Coach bag though...
  4. I'm starting to really like them too :smile: I don't think they look good on most of my bags because they're LAMBS and already have a lot going on, but here's a pic of a Juicy charm, I think it's raspberrys? cherries? not sure, on my LAMB saddle Mandeville.

  5. ^^Very pretty!
  6. I love Juicy Couture charms ... I got that same heart locket for christmas. Attached pic is a Juicy Couture "Scorpio" charm from the zodiac collection my daughter got me for my birthday. Goes well with my violet Bbag I think.
  7. ^ GORGEOUS! :girlsigh:
  8. I absolutely LOVE Juicy Couture accessories especially. So jealous they have their own boutiques in the States. We merely carry them in our stores here.

    Coach charms are kind of inexpensive if you go to the outlets. But even then, I am annoyed at the idea that they still sell for like $20 a piece. It's a small piece of leather. It's ridiculous.

    I'd stick with Juicy since they're at least gold plated and more elaborate in their designs.
  9. Sweetpurple that charm on that bag :drool: is amazing!
  10. eBay $3 *lol* He turns into a watch! You can get these in all sorts of animals and other designs like hearts...I even saw a robot and a motorcycle. :upsidedown:


  11. here's my juicy couture snowflake charm on my LV speedy. Sorry so fuzzy... it's off my phone :rolleyes:


    here's a stock picture of the charm:
  12. i've become obsessed with these too! on eBay should i just do a search "bag charm" ?
  13. love ur heart charm claire!
  14. Oh my gosh I am off to eBay to search for a robot charm :yahoo:
  15. You might try searching key chain or key fob, too (Coach charms are usually listed that way) Doing that will give you more results if you don't find something you like under "bag charm". Also, on ebay, variations of the wording usually get you different choices, like "purse charm" or just "charm".