Charms on a Speedy?

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  1. Need opinions. Would the Pastilles bracelet key ring look good on a MC Speedy (from handle to handle)? Would you put it on the front of the bag or back?
    Thanks! I think you are all so wonderful! I'm new here and just so happy when I visit this forum. You put a smile on my face!

  2. Welcome:welcome:
    If you do a search there are many posts of the speedy with scarves and charms. The pastilles would look adorable! You'll see the pics.
  3. it would look great on the mc speedy !
  4. I have a juicy charm on my speedy. I like the idea.

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  5. Love things on my bags, from charms to scarves to ronds...

    The pastilles are super cute!
  6. Absolutely adorable! Put it on the front where everyone can see it and stretch it from handle to handle--that's what I'll be doing on my fucshia perfo speedy on December 25th (when I get the keyring)
  7. I think it would look really cute!!
  8. I think the mc speedy has enough bling factor without adding to it.
    The bag is busy on its own, but do think the pastilles would look nice on the mono/vernis or damier/azur bags.
  9. personally i think speedy MC doesn't need a charm....

    it's already full of colors.....the charm might be too much for the bag :smile:
  10. I agree! ....the pastilles is VERY beautiful though....but too much color on mc ....If you must have a charm on mc try this one :idea:

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  11. Cilifene: That's very clever!
  12. Thanks! I'm on a purse ban :shame: ...have to be clever :roflmfao:
  13. It adds a personal touch. Look what I did to mine:[​IMG]
  14. :P LOL!
  15. Love the nautical theme! Adorable!