Charms Musette available at Elux now!

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  1. is dont now about vinyl coating on a bag.
  2. I know, quite expensive for a vinyl coating. The design itself is not that bad and the white w/brown color combo is decent. However, I couldn't possibly shell out $2140 for it.
  3. FUGLY......Sorry!
  4. I like it .. I think it is a fun line and I have placed my name down for the sac fermoir in pink or brown.
  5. I'm getting the fuchsia pochette this week sometime and my mom wants the Cabas in brown.
  6. if you see the sac fermoir at the store please let me know what you think. In Australia LV is only getting a VERY limited number of this range:huh:
  7. I prefer the fuschia pochette.. I want it !!
  8. I'm sorry, nay for me.
  9. I don't actually think many people will end up seeing any pieces from this line, as I found out from a very reliable source that it will only be sold at flagship stores (i.e. NY, Tokyo, Paris, L.A. etc.) I doubt my store down here will even get it in. That's good in a way, I guess but oh well. I ordered from elux. :smile:
  10. That is what my SA informed me of too..hopefully she will be able to get me my sac fermoir:biggrin: Can't wait to see photos .. I like the shape/style of the cabas too.
  11. I'm sure she will! If you're really serious about it then they should be able to. They won't typically just order things for people who are just going to look at them, otherwise they'd be *stuck* with merchandise that others might not want. Not that any of these would be a hard sell. I keep watching elux for another Cabas so my mom can get it..she's stuck on buying that one now lol. I'm so excited to see my pochette! I can hardly wait!! :heart:
  12. I have no problem passing on that one.
  13. It is ok but what is the lining like i think i will have to go and viste louis vuitton today.
  14. I am not a fan.:sad2: