Charms/keychains for bags that are available now?

  1. Are there any charms/keychains available in stores? Did the new inclusions keychains come in yet? Is there a Groom keychain? What is it made of?

    Thank you!
  2. I think you should give your closest store or 1866 a call, some stores have ithe charm and inclusion but got sold out so fast. I know last time I was at Fashion Valley, they had the charm keychain.

    Groom keychain made of vachetta like panda came in red and blue. Check out groom club..
  3. The berry & white Inclusion speedy keychains are out already. They've been available at my boutique for over a week...I already pick up my pair :yes:
  4. Does anyone know what the retail price is on the inclusion Speedy? I really really want the pink one!
  5. Isn't it something like $245? I thinks it's the same price as the other colors they had on eLux...(if that helps...):shrugs:
  6. I should have known you would know! Thanks!
  7. Yup it's $245. I'm still waiting on the white one so I can get it for my mom's mom already got me the framboise one for my birthday but I can't have it until then lol.
    Same with the Groom keychains..I'm getting the blue one for myself and getting her the red one for her birthday.

    The Pastilles extender one is out now but the shorter keychain only version isn't, that I know of. I'm still waiting for that as well...:whistle: