Charms - interchange or bag specific?


Do you interchange charms between bags?

  1. Yes -- my charms get around ;)

  2. Helllooo, who has time for that?!

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  1. For those of us obsessed with charms/keyfobs.... :wondering

    Do you have bag designated charms or do you interchange between bags? With the exception of one patchwork flower, mine find a home on one bag and there they stay. :smile:
  2. I like to share the love between my charms and my bags! I move my charms around to different bags depending on color combo's and/or how I feel that day, koi fish day or hot lips day! :supacool:
  3. ^^^
  4. I'm not against moving them around, but my Taurus and D charms seem to have found a permanent home on my khaki Carly, my brass heart script fob has fallen in love with my chocolate Carly, and my brass horseshoe fob has been attached to my Ali since day one.
  5. certain ones just seem MADE to be on certain bags. like, the moment you put it on, you just KNOW. so then they don't leave, lol.

    but generally speaking, i switch them around. certain ones don't go in certain weather, either. lol.
  6. i only have one charm, because it's the only one that i've ever i switch my star on all my bags, coach or non-coach.
  7. Most of my charms stay put, especially those that are actually keyrings that I use as charms . . . I like how they can actually fit on the large ring hardware unlike the charms with the small clips - but definitely too much of a pain to move those!
  8. I only have 2 charms (watermelon and T ) and I move them from bag to bag:yes:
  9. I just started to buy charms....I have one charm (my initial "J") which I looked ALL over the universe for and FINALLY found one last week at a boutique!!! I also just bought the brass heart studded keychain, but I will be hanging that off of my new black legacy shoulder bag! I have the lion keychain as well, but that is attached to my keys!!!! So, to answer your question, I will probably be switching my J charm from bag to bag, but not my brass heart!!!
  10. I have bunches of charms and while I may like certain charms on certain bags more, I tend to move them around. It depends on how I feel that day or what time of year it is. My sun goes well with all my bags but once summer is over, she'll rest for winter. I have my new red apple out and ready for fall!
  11. Yay for the T charm ;) :tup:

    -- Tara
  12. I second that - Yay for the T charm

    -- another Tara :tup:

    I switch my charms up so they get around too.