Charms cute on Carlys??

  1. What charms do you think would look cute on this?

  2. I have that bag!! It's the demi, right? Looks like it from the picture. Just to let you know, the demi doesn't really slouch like that. It's very stiff, but it definitely holds a lot.

    I think an Initial Charm would look very cute with it. Or maybe something like the Purple Metallic heart or a Zodiac?
  3. I've been wondering the same thing...suggestions?
  4. AWylie1994
    I know it's not a charm, but I love the new Lion Keyfob! :heart:
    He would look adorable on your Carly.
    If you have the new catalog, he is attached to a Chelsea Optic Signature, on page 30. Style# 92117 $38.00
    He comes out in August...... but, I honestly thought someone here has one already! :confused1:
  5. The owl is OH so cute and is at the outlets now for $24!


    He's a keychain, but I'm now using him as a charm on my sig Legacy shoulder!
  6. I wanted that owl keychain for the longest time, but the nearest outlet to me is at Niagara Falls and it would take me several hours to drive down there.

    I would've used it on my chocolate signature gallery tote as a charm too. *sniffs*

  7. how about the pretty koi fish that have been at the outlets's a beautiful metalic
  8. or the watermelon it's adorable! I think also the pig charm-i'm partial cuz i think he's cute and would go on anything! or as far as fobs, the fruit one would be cute, or the pinkish.purple mix would be nice too any initial or zodiac, i think the carlys are versatile because they look great with anything. lots of girls on here have charms on there carlys and they all look fabulous...someone has the red lips on their gold carly, and i think that looks stunning!