Charms Cabas on eLUXURY


Would you buy the Cabas?


  2. If it was $800

  3. maybe

  4. NO- it's ugly

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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that the charms cabas is back on elux (sorry if this is old news, but I see it there so infrequently) for $2,200. The second pic is of course is of the musette.

    btw, did anyone catch Will & Grace last week? Grace was carrying a Charms Linda Scarf bag at Will's dad's funeral
    cabas.jpg musette.jpg
  2. The only charms piece I got from Elux was my fuchsia pochette. My mom and I were hunting for the Cabas when they first put it on the site awhile ago but it would go off the site too fast. Then a couple weeks ago, they had one in the store and we just ended up getting it there. I love this bag so fits a lot too. :heart: