Charms and Scarves

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  1. Does anyone have pics of their LV with a charm or scarf attached? I just ordered a popincourt haut on eluxury and want to see different ways people add sass to their bags!
  2. If you go to the showcase, You will see my Cerise deuville with the Champs-Elysees key chain hanging off and my white Eye need has a mc cles hanging off.
  3. I have a fleur red bandeau I tie arround my damier speedy 30 and epi black 30-both look really fresh and new.
  4. I have a Perforated Orange and Fleur Red Bandeau that I use on most of my Bags, (from Gucci to LV) I think with the right combination the scarves or bandeau goes with most bags. I try to get some pics up.
  5. I love scarfs on bags.
  6. Here you go, pics of my Bandeaus.
  7. i have a dior play dice on my speedy but i sometimes put the dior princess ring on instead. i got more comments on them than the bag haha!
  8. Here's my Saleya PM with an Hermes pocket square scarf. :biggrin: