Charms and necklaces

  1. A couple of days ago, I bought some charms and bracelets and revealed them here.
    I realized the bracelets were too big for my small wrists, and quite hefty, even more so when I add charms on it, so I returned them.
    While at the store, I saw the saleslady wearing a necklace charm catcher.
    It looked really pretty :biggrin:
    I knew right then where I'd be using my 20% off coupon :graucho:

    Here's the gold necklace charm catcher.


    I also bought this silver necklace, not a charm catcher, but the smaller charms can be added on to it too.


    Both necklaces are really long, at least 32 inches, which is really the length that I'm going for.

  2. Now the charms...

    Pear - I was amazed at how pretty this one IRL. The stones glistened like some really expensive stones :biggrin:


    Perfume bottle


    Hot chocolate ltd ed

  3. Congrats on your new JC jewelry. I know a lot of the ladies on this board (myself included) prefer to wear charms on charm catchers and necklaces, rather than the charm bracelets.
  4. Now on to the smaller charms...




  5. Here's the charm catcher with that awesome flower charm.


    And here's the silver necklace where I added the apple small charm.

  6. Thanks! :smile:
    Yeah, I think I'd prefer the necklaces too. I should have thought about my small wrists before buying the bracelets. But it's good I was able to get a feel of the bracelets before deciding on the necklace.
  7. Ladies, I have a question... how do you adjust the length using the ball?


    The gold necklace charm catcher also has a ball adjustment.

    Do I just pull the ball along the necklace? I tried but it is kind of stuck. I did not put much effort pulling it for fear of breaking the necklace.

    Does it need to be twisted/rotated in some way?
  8. Wow, nice necklaces and charms, love all your nice collection:smile:)
  9. I have pretty small wrists as well, I bought the little girls charm bracelet instead of the adult sized one. It fits pretty well.
  10. I think most people start out thinking they will wear the charms on their bracelets and many do. But many of us wind up using them on the charm catchers too. Personally I feel the bracelets seem kind of clunky when loaded up with charms, but they are really pretty that way. Just a matter of choice.

    An FYI....Here's a thread with photos of the way we wear our charms...
  11. Yea, even on my bracelet when I do wear it, it only has one charm, sometimes two if it's a smaller charm.
  12. It's supposed to slide on the chain unless the plastic inside is messed up. I have two juicy necklaces with that ball / chain extender. My goldtone with the Fifi charm slides effortlessly. The silver spinner, not so much. I noticed the clear plastic inside the ball had crumbled. It doesn't slide easily so I just set it to the length I want and left it.

  13. GASP!! I've been stalking that pear charm online...May have to pull the trigger now!!
    And yes, I can't really wear the full sized charms bracelets. I love the smaller/DIY charms, and wear them on the leather wrap bracelet. I wear the larger charms on my purses. ;)
    Love the charm catcher and the other necklace! You're making me think i need them. :cool:
  14. Thanks :smile:
    One post in that thread showed a leather bracelet with a metal loop for a charm. That looked cool.
  15. Thanks :smile:
    I'd try to slide it again, but if it doesn't budge, I'd leave it.