Charms and Key rings on EBAY

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  1. Recently I have been interested in purchasing some charms. I see them all over Ebay but how can you tell the fakes from the real ones? I know with bags its a bit easier.
  2. Which ones do you want? I just got a koi keychain at the outlet yesterday and they want way more than 24 for them on ebay. If I go back and I know what you want I'll pick them up for you.
  3. I'd say your best bet is to post the auction links and pictures in the authentication thread at the top of this forum. Quite a few of us have a lot of old catalogues we can look at for you, and some work for Coach so they're your best bet. I don't know if there is an actual list of criteria to look for when it comes to the charms, like there is on bags.
  4. Remember one thing - even on a sale weekend you cant buy a Coach keychain for ten dollars. Anyone selling them on Ebay for super-cheap prices is selling fakes. And the Breast Cancer keychains with the light pink ribbon NEVER GO ON SALE.

    Like Stophle said, post them in the Authenticate This forum. And look at a seller's OTHER keychains - if they're also selling "Coach" Hello Kitty keychains, run like he!!, they're all fake.
  5. Just be careful there are so many fakes on ebay. Makes me so mad.
  6. Yea you can. I was at the outlet Memorial day weekend...all the letter charms were 10 bucks! :smile: All the others were 20+ bucks, but, the letters were dirt cheap!
  7. A letter charm is not a keychain.

    For key chains - On ebay, the seller has to pay PP and Ebay fees. So, if an item never goes under let's say $24, you can't expect to pay $10 for a real one on ebay.
  8. awesomejones...thanks so much that is very kind of you! I was at the outlet in Vegas wednesday but the letter charms I saw were mostly Q's and W's. They had a few smileys and crescents and thats about it. I wanted a "T" charm.
  9. thanks so much ladies! I will get some pics and post them!
  10. I'm going to check for a fish keychain sometime this week, I'll look for a "T" charm too! They had a whole tray of them the last time I was there.
  11. I can't deal the difference, that's why I just stay away.