Charms/Accessories on Speedy?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    What does everyone put as a little accessory on their Speedy bags? I've seen LV charms, Pom Poms, etc. I can't seem to figure out what I'd like to put yet! I see some ladies with their initials on leather tags...I'm a newbie to Louis so anything is appreciated!
  2. Mines the 25 size and I usually do a Pom ball, I have several colors. I get them from MK.
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  3. I like the macaron keychain from Laudurée.
    Or leather charms from etsy or Coach.
  4. I like the Clochette and the Laduree Charm
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468270973.666512.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468271150.221802.jpg
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  5. You can really do any bag charm you want...there are lots of styles to choose from.. Some hook only on one tab and some connect to both.....some even use bandeaus to dress up their speedy...
  6. I have a burgandy pompom.. Theres a lot out there for cheap now. Got mjne from wet seal for about $4!
  7. I alternate having a clochette and a laduree charm- Or I will also tie a bandeau on my speedy too
  8. Where can I purchase a clochette? I LOVE how they look and want my initials on them.
  9. U can purchase at the store as a replacement item. Idk if they will sell it to u unless u have an item in their system that has a clochette. Doesnt hurt to ask.
  10. Last week In store I was just honest and told the SA I wanted a clochette for my speedy. She took me to the back where replacement and after sales care happens. The guy asked me what bag it was for and I told him my speedy. He said that is perfect for any bag that actually has keys. No problem buying on the spot! It was $60. And I love it on my speedy!
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  11. Thats great to know! Also helps if u build a relationship with a SA!!
  12. I also have a luggage tag from LV with my initials hot stamped. Same with the clochette.. Simply ask and see if they will sell u one since luggage tags are made for keepalls. The SA I work with sold me 2!
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  13. You ladies are so lucky!! I'll try calling LV first and if not it won't hurt for me to go in and ask...I always feel anxious in the store unfortunately! (My LV store is notorious for snooty SAs). Wish me luck!
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  14. image.jpeg My favorite combo atm :smile:
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