Charming Sam - 30% Off All Purchases


    [FONT=Georgia,Times New Roman,Times,Serif]Do[/FONT][FONT=Georgia,Times New Roman,Times,Serif] you shop [FONT=Georgia,Times New Roman,Times,Serif]Anthropologie[/FONT], [FONT=Garamond,Times New Roman,Times,Serif]Chico's[/FONT], [FONT=Arial Narrow,Arial MT Condensed Light,sans-serif]Fragments[/FONT]?[/FONT]

    Now through Christmas you'll save 30% on all your purchases from Charming Sam including our fine gemstone jewelry, original artwork and vintage prints.

    Use code SHOPSAVE during checkout at Charming Sam for 30% discount on all your holiday shopping. We are also including FREE gifts from some of our favorite online stores with each order!

    Happy Holidays,
    Amy & Sam