Charmed LVs!

  1. Hey Everyone!

    I don't know if there has already been a thread like this, a cursory search did not bring one up, but I thought it would be fun to see how everyone decorates their LVs, especially with bag charms. I never thought to use bag charms before but after seeing all your dressed up bags I'm inspired, and in search of the perfect charm!

    Please post pictures and include any information on the charms and other accessories if you can ;)

    Mods I don't know if this is the correct location for this thread, feel free to move it!

    I would like to start things off, but I am still charmless enable away! I look forward to seeing everyone's unique and creative LV accessorizing!

  2. I am charmless...I wonder if bag charms are well correlated with age? I don't know, I sometimes feel too old for charms.

  3. are you kidding! the older the better! it makes you younger and livens people up BIG TIME ;)!
  4. LV charms are super cute :smile:

    I do sometimes think the charms can be super pricey though. some charms are about the same price as a wallet or sometimes even more expensive than a wallet.