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  1. :yes: I've just bought this tote bag... what do u think about it
    is it a current style??:confused1:
    does it look real ? fake ?

  2. Where did you buy it?
    It's really in current style
    but I am afraid it is fake =(, coz
    i. if it is authentic, it is not wrapped with plastic paper
    ii. the texture of leather seems not real
    iii. the inside colour of the authentic one is different from your bag's
  3. it was bought on :nuts: so i don't know anymore
  4. I have this bag in 2 colors and this one is 100% FAKE...sorry!~
  5. Jill vbmenu_register("postmenu_914825", true);

    Can you show me pictures of your bags? so that i can compare ...thx
  6. Look in my bag showcase..they are all there.
  7. -thats weird that your saying it a fake... i was 100% assured that it is Authentic...
    - I also got with it:B rown satin Dust bag, care card, and controllato card and now i don't know what I should do with it...
    also the leather on this pic looks like its black, but its actually dark brown
  8. Gucci - click on the link to the left and you will see if you compare the two that unfortuantely you have been taken! It's a fake, in addition to what other people have commented - if you look at the brass dots or whatever you want to call the circle brass hardware - yours it flat, the one on the GUCCI site is not flat. Sorry, plus the plastic and the plastic tag are also give aways....Sorry! Also, did you pay $685.00 for this purse? Sorry, you are better off staying off the internet when purchasing designer handbags online. Sorry!!
  9. Anyone can get a brown dust bag, care card and controllato card. They can also include them in the sale of a fake purse. Do not use the inclusion of these items when you decide whether or not to purchase a bag. As I said on the Authenticate This forum in reply to your post, Gucci doesn't wrap their straps in plastic.
  10. i have this bag in the dark blue and red... and this bag u posted, one glance => fakes
  11. fake fake fake

    pls post authenticity questions in the authenticate this sticky thread!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.