Charm pics per request

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  1. Someone here figured out I got the little charms keyring, so per her request and because she's so nice, ;) here are the pics. They cost $210 at the Waikiki store so maybe a little more on the continental US. I hooked it onto the framboise reade pm and the BH. BTW, the charm is on the back of the BH because I have a diff charm I use which I didn't want to take off.





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  2. Thats so pretty! thanks for the pics :yes:
  3. Soooo cute!!
  4. those charms are too cute! i love it!
  5. I love them! I am crossing my fingers that mainland US will be getting them soon!!!!!!!
  6. just adorable!! love it on the reade!
  7. Beautiful Disney! LOL...I didn't tell anyone you had them, just to let you know.

    Nike Golf should be picking mine up this afternoon. I am really excited!

    Congratz, told ya they'd look HOT on your Framboise Reade!
  8. Thanks everyone! It's almost like candy or something.

    RG, no no, wasn't you. Just someone chatting with me, lol. You are going to love yours. You enabler.

    Twiggers, I think they are out in some stores on the mainland. Some of the other members said they saw them. We just got it in this past weekend, I think. That's when I got the call.

    Anotheremptysky, you have so many reades you'd use it a lot. Love your vernis collection, btw.
  9. oh, beautiful!
  10. Disney,

    Told you so, and YAY, I finally enabled you on something. You better start listening to me more often...your hubby is a good guy. We need to send the two shopping togehter more with our princesses!
  11. Very cute! They really pop on the BH!
  12. Oooo la la.. I love it! It looks very nice against the BH.
  13. How cute!
  14. great pix! :biggrin:
  15. Those are SO cute! I love that they're HUGE!
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