Charm Key ring

  1. Hi All,
    I just purchased the gold charm key ring, and I put it on my epi red riviera as a charm for the bag. I wasn't thinking when I purchased it, but when I put it on the bag, I realized that the hardware is silver on my epi. I don't think it looks bad because the hardware on the bag is sooooo understated. But I was wondering if any of you ladies mix up gold and silver. Do you think I should keep it on there?
    Also, the bag came with a luggage tag. I took it off, but do any of you leave the luggage tags on the bag if it comes with it?
  2. Which one is this? The Pastilles?
    Either way, I think mixing hardware colors can look really cute. I know some people don't like it but I don't think it looks bad at all. As an example, I want to get the gold disco ball charm to hang off of my silver Miroir Speedy.
  3. I'm not sure what it's called. But it's long and has small round charms hanging off it and the LV logo with the famous lock charm. Some PFs say they use it as a bracelet. Your idea sound nice!!
  4. Yup that's the one (Pastilles)!
    I have the multicolore one and actually wear it as a bracelet more than I use it as a bag charm lol.
  5. Also, with the luggage tag, unless it's a keepall, I'd take it off. I do keep the key clochettes on though.
  6. Thanks LVbabydoll!
  7. You're welcome! :flowers:
  8. sounds really cute. post pics please:yes:
  9. Pics, please!!! I am thinking of getting this bag!!! Did you get gold or silver hardware?
  10. Here are some photos. I took a pic of the inside so that you can see how much can fit in it.
    P1151572.JPG P1151573.JPG P1151574.JPG
  11. Hi - the hardware is silver. I couln't get the gold. See the pics above.
  12. Ooh that's the one I have (the Pastilles)-that looks great on your bag! :love:
  13. WOW!!! It looks great on your Riviera!!!! :nuts:
  14. :yes: Love it!! It looks so nice. Love your red epi!!
  15. It looks awesome! It's absolutely fine to mix metals. It gives it some style.