Charm for Mono Métis

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  1. I just got my new métis and love it! Now I'm interested in getting a charm for it and my nf ikat Indian rose. Any suggestions? Tia!
  2. The LV Facettes charm could go with almost everything.
  3. second that.
  4. Congrats! Which Metis did you get? I ordered the mono today. Didn't consider a charm but now I am. :biggrin:

    Edit - read but did not read apparently. I agree, the Facettes would look very nice.
  5. So many great options!

    Pomme key holder in fuchsia might look nice, or the pink insolence, or the eclipse.

    I am dying to get a bag that works well with charms-- they're all so beautiful!

  6. I got the mono. I went back and forth between the 2 options. I just like the mono better in the métis the the Emp.
  7. the tapage charm will look noce
  8. I think the Tapage!
  9. my friend puts the tapage on her metis and it always looks wonderfully chic. she gets loads of compliments on it : )