Charm for Denim Carly

  1. Ok, so I want to put a charm, key fob, or something on the new Medium Denim Carly I got yesterday...but, I am not sure which one. Right now I have the flower. But, want something that will look sweet on it. Suggestions?

  2. I think the flower would look cute. What about the watermelon?

    I should also add that I am of the no mixing metals school. LOL.
  3. I think something brightly colored would be pretty. :smile: Maybe something red? I guess it depends on your personal taste. Do you have a zodiac charm yet? Those are all pretty and bright.
  4. Anything would look good with denim IMO! When I saw the title I immediately thought of the flower charm!! I think the pink sandal would be cute, the watermelon, your initials if you like the colors, the red lips would be hot! OH, the red embossed apple! It's actually a keyfob but you could use it like a charm. That'd be so adorable! That'd be my pick; the red apple. Next the patchwork flower! And Juicy Couture charms are really cute too! There's a red,white and blue popsicle at that would be pretty with the denim. Geesh, can you tell I like to accessorize my bags?!
  5. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i know these are cell lanyards...but would look cute looped on the side

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    hmmm...really not too much in the way of charms floating my boat right now...
  6. the flower will be precious!
  7. didn't i read somewhere of a denim patchwork flower coming out this summer?
  8. I think the flower would look great on that bag.
  9. I don't like mixing metals either, so I would use one of the flower or orange coin purses.
    Or use the Legacy Medallion Bracelet doubled up to dangle as a multiple charm accent.
  10. I like the coin purses. Hmm...I'll check em out!

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
  11. Just ordered the Yellow Flower Coin Purse. Probably be here tuesday. I'll post pics with it on the Carly.

    Thanks again everyone!
  12. How about the star charm, it's blue?

  13. Vote for the coin purse =)
  14. Thanks! I think it will look great with the denim. I love yellow. I have a yellow punch buggy! Hoping my phone will fit in it...don't know what I could use it for other than that.

  15. I like the yellow coin purse and apple ideas. The flower would be nice too.