Charm Bracelets: Pandora vs. James Avery

  1. My mom's dying for a James Avery charm bracelet, BUT I've been hearing everyone say Pandora is better. What are your thoughts? I know they're completely different in style, just wondering what's "trending" right now for silver jewelry.
  2. I would probably say the James Avery is more classic, whereas the Pandora/Troll are a new classic. Trollbeads have been around since the 70s, I think.

    If you mom wants the James Avery, that's what I would go with. The pieces are very classic and the service is topnotch. I only have one piece from them (yellow gold rose ring) and I needed it in a small size; they were a true pleasure to deal with.

    James Avery is also a faith based company and that may be important to your mom.
  3. Pandora is definitely more popular atm, but the James Avery style is classic and they have alot of charm options. I don't have anything from JA, but used to wear charm bracelets that style....thing with them is that they can be noisy from the charms jingling together and they catch on things more easily, like sweaters. Pandora charms are really just beads, so they're a lot easier to wear IMO. I wouldn't worry about the trends though, just get mom what SHE wants!:smile:
  4. I would get her what she wants even if the threaded bead type charm bracelets (such as Pandora) are more trendy right now. The James Avery charms and bracelets appear to be of good quality. To me, wearing what you love is more important than what's popular at the moment.
  5. I'd say definitely get her the James Avery since that's what she wants. As a Pandora collector myself I'd be a tad miffed if I'd asked for a Pandora bracelet and was given a James Avery one instead, so that would be the same the other way round I guess. Give her what she wants and loves.

    She would probably love the Pandora too, but not as much as she'd love the James Avery she has her heart set on.
  6. Being a southern girl I grew up on james avery... VERY durable and they are very nice to help when you have questions or issues. I have a james avery, pandora and troll bead bracelets. The ladies are right that james avery is more traditional and it is what she is asking for.
  7. Generally speaking, a person either prefers traditional charm bracelets (like the James Avery) OR bead bracelets. They definitely aren't interchangeable. The important thing in giving any gift is that it is important to the recipient, and your mom likes the James Avery. So IMO there ought to be no question as to which one to get her.

    Bead bracelets are definitely more "on trend" right now, but for most people who are comfortable with their style that really isn't an important consideration. Traditional charm bracelets are classics that will always be around regardless of what is popular or not.
  8. JA charms are very well made, have deep meaning and you actually get some silver for the money you pay.
    JA can be a bit noisy if too many charms are loaded on one bracelet. Also, everytime you buy anew charm, you have to get it 'soldered' or 'fixed' by the jeweller. Once fixed, you cannot move them anywhere all by yourself. You WILL need a jeweler.
    JA charms are all gold or Silver. I have hardly seen any colored ones.
    JA has affordable charms in silver and each and every charm has real good meaning.

    Pandora is more trendy, but it lacks the "emotional quotient"!! I believe JA website is responsible for my thinking.
    Pandora gives you endless option to mix and match your bracelet layout.

    At last but not least, if your MOM wants JA...she will bot be too glad to get a PANDORA. I think she will LOVE telling stories behind each JA charm she gets!!!
  9. This was the first thing that I thought of also.. a lot of the James Avery items have specific meanings, and I'm not sure if they have Pandora equivalents.