charm bracelet

  1. I need this bracelet has anyone seen it in person? Is it as pretty as the pic? And anyone know the price?
    dispatch.jpg Just this one NOT the one below sorry
  2. I haven't seen it IRL, but how cute is that??? I love it!
  3. Yes, I've seen it in real life. It's beautiful. The gold bracelet alone retails for around $3000 and each charm starts at around $750 +
  4. pretty..
  5. Yeah I saw a pic of it in my magazine , I wondered on the price, but now I def know I wont be getting it LOL $750+ each charm OMG ... but I do love the little pouchette charm
  6. Woah! The charms are really nice though.
  7. how pretty! i have not seen it but i will drop by LV today to check it out.
  8. I would rather have a bag, but I have to say, I bought the gold LV charm and wear it as a necklace (my kind SA's idea) and it looks fab that way.
    It cost about $800
  9. Its lovely, but my goodness its pricey!
  10. All I can say is that the whole thing is MONEY. If I ever see someone wearing that, you can bet I'll follow them around as long as I can in hopes that they would drop it ;) jk.

    Here's the bracelet (the lock and keys are so clever) and here's all the little charms.

    ETA: nevermind, these links are different from the one in the picture!
  11. Yeah I've seen it IRL and it's mom asked about the charm that's a pochette (for her own charm bracelet)'s about $900.
    Even she has trouble buying the idea that ONE charm is so expensive, especially since it's so tiny and doesn't even have any diamonds in it.
  12. Right Jen, that is the original charm bracelet. It's HUGE!!! I've played with it at LV, but alas it's a lot of $$$ for a bracelet.
  13. Phew, at least the money is going somewhere! Maybe one day in the far future I'll fork up $3000+ for just a gold bracelet.
  14. Isn't it GORGEOUS?!:nuts: I am not a jewellery person and even I love it!:love:
  15. my gf has it has it and all the charms to go with it.... absoutely amazing.