Charm bracelet?

  1. I need ideas for a gift for my daughter..she's "graduating" from elementary school..her school goes to sixth grade..I thought about a charm bracelet but I haven't seen any I love...she is a very good student all A's all through elem,president of student council,choir,general do-gooder, gifted..basically she's been a great kid so far..did I mention she's usually kind to her little sister!:love: :lol: ..anyway she has a laptop, a cell phone, a coach bag..and she would want me to mention her 5 pairs of converse..:lol:
    She's 12 and she kind of has her own any suggestions would really help!!
    Thanks 123_2398.JPG
  2. i just wanted to say your daughter's very fashionable....gimme a minute to dig up some cute bracelets :P
  3. I have this stretchy silver bracelet that comes with a diamond initial..My daughter wants one sooo badly! it cost like 400-500 dollars...Its a great keepsake...My jeweler carries them as do alot of jewelers now!
  4. do you have a pic?
  5. Thanks JC..she thinks so!!
  6. Your daughter is very pretty. I'd suggest a modest piece of jewelry. Maybe a locket? Or maybe a Coach handbag or mini skinny?
  7. You are such a sweet mom! :cry: The last piece of jewelry my mother ever gave me was actually from when I graduated elementary, lol. Beautiful daughter :heart:3

    Any particular material for the bracelet?
  8. okay i'm back :lol:

    since it's a graduation gift maybe a graduation charm bracelet would be cute:

    this juicy one has the year on it so it's a nice commemoratin of an important day for her


    or you can buy her the bracelet and help her choose her own charms


    here's another cute juicy one

  9. I will post a pic of my bracelet in the AM......I am actually gonna order my daughter one for her 10th bday ina few weeks!!she has everything and I know she would flip if I got it!!
  10. How about James Avery? I started one for my daughter, it's great!


    I like these because even family in other states can help her collect the charms and they don't outgrow them for some time. I bought my 5 yr old DD one and if it's set on the clasp, it's too big, but I crawl up the bracelt and clasp into one of the links, it looks perfect!
  11. i really like the idea of these envelope bracelets as well......there's a little insert that goes in the envelope on which you can have a message or photo engraved so it's meaningful and pretty....


    and you can choose from a bunch of different envelope styles
  12. That is so cool! I've never heard about those before.
  13. [​IMG]

    I was going to suggest the graduation charm bracelet too. I'm going to hint to to everyone because I'm graduating this year also!

    You can get a charm bracelet but only get one charm. For every important event in upcoming years, you can add another charm so when she grows up she has a bracelet full of all her childhood memories.
  14. Jc-
    Thats My Bracelet!!! Lol!