Charm and luck handbags

  1. Does anyone own this brand of bags? I just ordered the TSV on HSN today. Is the quality good?
  2. I want that one. I really like it in white. They look nice & it's a good price. I might just cave & get it.
  3. The white is pretty I was trying to make up my mind between the turquoise and white. I ended up going w/the the turquoise. It is nice that they offer the easy pay.
  4. I NOW own a Charm and Luck handbag. I seen this bag on e-bay last week and I liked it.. so I bid $49.00 and won it. Though I had NEVER heard of this brand of handbag before, I recieved it yesterday, and was VERY impressed by its beauty and quality.. never mind that I didn't know about the brand. I wanted a leather purse with a rhinestone buckle and happily,this is what I found. Yesterday I was flipping through the channels and noticed that HSN was having purses on..not just any purse,but Charm and Luck bags. I love good bags and own 3 Louis Vuitton, 3 Brightons, 1 Bottgaveneta, 1 Versace, and 1 Channel. This Charm and Luck bag is a western style bag with rhinestone buckle and the Versace are glitzy but classic and will be nice with jeans. So I can tell you not to be afraid of ordering a Charm & Luck bag if its a style that you can will be a quality bag with lots of "bling" This is my first post on this site and I hope it was helpful. Judy
  5. Until reading this I had never heard of these bags. They look like fun bags.
  6. This was a company who made very nice bags, but they sold on HSN the same bags the some were paying full price in the stores. They should have made a special line for that venu because allot of customers and store owners got really steamed. Stores saw the same bags they bought for their lines being sold directly to the public for less then the stores were paying per peice. In other words if you got one from HSN you may have paid wholesale for it . Which left store owners saying we will not carry the product anymore. Any why should they ? Without the stores buying they could not hold on. You can only sell so many peices on the home shopping, and they devalued their own product. Great designers, but not very good business people.
  7. PS they have gone out of business.