charm addiction

  1. I think your charms look fine!!!:yes: I say the charms are a way to express yourself and make your bag stand out from everyone else!!! :graucho::p
  2. But they look so good on Carly......I don't think she is overaccessorized at all.:yes:
  3. I think it's great to have charms on bags. I have a bee charm on my large black hamptons weekend tote, it totally stands out and has a summer look to it although it's a black bag. My next charm purchase is the comic book keyfob, but they don't have it in stores anymore.
  4. It's not too bad at all! I have two charms at least, on my bags when I carry them. It looks good. :smile:
  5. I totally love the look of all of your charms on your Carly! Im a bit charm additcted myself!
  6. I am not much of a charm person, myself, but I think they look great on your Carly! The colors are perfect and it's a large enough bag that you can get away with a lot of them.
  7. I need a charm or two for my Carly now!!
  8. I knew nothing about charms until I met Coach...they are the best! And yours look fantastic, by the way!
  9. hahaa, I t hink those charms fit with the demin. looks cute!
  10. Your Carly looks great!!! No intervention needed!!
  11. hehehehe....I think I have one of these too. Hmmm....get help or go shopping. SHOPPING:greengrin:
  12. lol! its cute, it makes ur bags your own!! hehe congrats congrats on being addicted, its a wonderful thing ;)
  13. Mmmmm charms!

  14. I love the charms too! So many cute ones, can't wait for more!