Charm/accessory for my new bag? I need ideas!

  1. So I just ordered the Hamptons Weekend Watercolor hobo, and I want to buy some kind of accessory to go with it. What charms, key chains, scarves, etc would be cute on it? Here is the link to the bag for reference.

    I know you all will have lots of great ideas for me! :tup:
  2. My friend has the watercolor with this charm, it is cute together.

  3. Personally, I think just about any charm will go with the watercolor!
  4. Watermelon charm!
  5. ^^You beat me to it - watermelon was my suggestion as well. But almost anything will look good with that bag.
  6. I am going to have to say watermelon. Tooo cute!

    Or how about a letter?
  7. I love the watercolor hobo! You can literally use any charm and it would look adorable:yes:
    Here is mine;)
    Ebay Pics 280.jpg
  8. Ranskimmie, your bag is absolutely adorable! Thanks for the picture. Now I can't wait for mine to come. I love the patent flower keyfob as well. I may just have to steal your idea. :smile:
  9. I think any charm would work.
    The watermelon or the flip flop (goes with the whole beachy look) would look awesome.
  10. I agree, just about anything. I'd get personally either a turtle and/or watermelon and/or toucan!
  11. The turtle or one of the flip flops would look really good with it.
  12. I agree that the watermelon or turtle would be adorable!! :tup:

    Also, since no one has mentioned them... I'm a big fan of the astrological charms as well!!


    Ehhh... they are cuter in person, then on the website. On my Taurus charm its a bright metallic pink and the symbol is purple.
  13. Yeah, watermelon charm!!

  14. I was going to say watermelon also.

    The ocean or fruit keyfobs might look cute too.