Charlotte Russe

  1. Has anyone shopped at Charlotte Russe before? I walked into one this past weekend with a co-worker and noticed that their items didn't look too bad, similar to Forever 21 I suppose. Their jeans were on sale and looked decent for something more casual to wear so wanted to know some thoughts about the store.
  2. I've gotten a few things from there, but overall I prefer Forever21.
  3. Nope... I only visit my few favourite stores (Saks, Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus, Barney's and Filene's).
  4. I like Charlotte Russe. The quality is a little better than Forever 21. Its a great store to buy trendy pieces.
  5. Their style is a little too urban for my taste. I did buy a skirt from there once and the quality wasn't too bad for the price.
  6. Thanks. I shop more at Forever 21 myself but their jeans look like they would fit better. I'll have to actually go try them on first though to know for sure.
  7. it's been a long time since i shopped at charlotte russe (don't exist in the uK) but their quality was never very good...but it might have changed!
  8. I used to shop there with my friends in junior high. I vividly remember this huge plexi-glass bin of the nastiest, trashiest thongs near the registers.:roflmfao:
    I wonder if they still have it..
  9. :lol: me too!!

    i haven't been in there in years, but if you saw something you liked definitely give it a try.
  10. :lol::lol::lol:

    Charlotte Russe isn't my style, but their prices are great for trendy pieces. I think Forever 21 has more of a selection.
  11. I have so many pairs of their jeans. They are cheap, I can do things in them that I wouldnt normally do in my designer jeans, and they come in "long" which is GREAT seeing as Im 5'8''! They are actually pretty good quality, I torture their jeans, and they still hold up very well:yes:. As for everything get what you pay for.
  12. I have a fondness for Forever21... obviously. :shame: I prefer the styles and fit better. Forever21's quality though, is pretty shotty.

  13. That's good to know! Thanks!!
  14. I love buying shoes from there.
  15. Their quality, in my personal experience, isn't that great for their tops and shoes. I prefer F21 because they have better styles, but quality is also pretty shabby.