Charlotte Purse Forum Meeting

  1. Hello! How About A Purse Forum Meeting In Charlotte, NC?!!!

    What: A Super Fun Day Filled With Lovely Friends, Delicious Food & Non-Stop Shopping!!!

    Who: This Is For NC, SC, GA?!!!.....Of Course, Any & All Are Invited!!!

    Where: A Great Place To Meet: South Park Mall ~ All Kinds Of Fabulous Shopping Including: A Brand New Neiman Marcus & A New Hermes (In About A Month!!!) & Much, Much More!!!.....Of Course, I Am Open To Any Ideas:yes:

    When: The Dates Are Open Right Now.

    If Interested: Please Feel Free To Post Here (Or Pm/Email Me) ~ Please Include What You Are Interested In & Dates Good For You!

    Thank You So Much For Reading!!! Again Contact Me Anytime....I Can't Wait To Meet You All!!!!

    Kara :flowers:
  2. I will sticky this for you guys..HAVE FUN!!
  3. Thanks Jill ~ You Are A Doll!!!
  4. Kara,
    You KNOW I'm in: I'm bringing the "We Love Visa/Mastercard" tee shirts with me.:roflmfao:

    Most any Saturday or even Sunday works for me.
  5. Even tho it's quite a drive for me, I'm seriously thinking maybe I could come. I'd love to see that mall!
  6. Yes Prada Psycho!!! Of Course, You Will Bring Your T's!!!!!!! You Are Too Funny!!! :smile: .......Just Master The Possibilities :smile:

    boxermom ~ I'm So Excited!!! If You Decide You Are Coming ~ Let Me Know On The Best Times For You...Since You Will Be Coming Out Of Your Way....... You Will Love This Mall!!!!!
  7. Where's Lib? Come on, Gal! We have to see your smiling face too!! :nuts:

    I started thinking about the day and if a weekday is better for everyone else, I can do that as long as I get enough notice to take the day off. If you really want to be fawned over at Southpark, Monday's are great: no one is in the stores but the SAs!! :graucho:

    Boxermom, PLEASE try to come. I'd love to meet you IRL along with the rest of the NC/SC crowd. :flowers:
  8. I would love to come. It's about a 4 hour drive for me. I have been to that mall once and loved it. If the dates are good, I'll try my best. We usually come over and spend the night.

    I would love to come and meet everyone.

    If I have enough notice, I could miss work for a day and drive over myself.

    Please let me know when there is a date.

  9. Prada, I will do my darndest to make it.

    Debbie, you're about the same distance I am, so I hope we both go and get to meet each other, Prada, Bagluv, and the rest.
  10. I Think We Will Have So Much Fun!!!

    Prada ~ Weekends May Be Best For All? What About Everyone Else?

    Or We Could Do A Whole Weekend? A Day Of Shopping & Than Brunch The Next Day (Do You Want To Have Husbands/SO's?)?

    Whatever You Like Is Great For Me!!! :smile:

    I'm Trying To Think Of Others In Are Area, Who May Want To Come (Gives Prada A Heads Up On Our T-Shirt Count. LOL!!!! J/K!!!!)......Lib, Abandonedimages (Raliegh), Nathansgirl1908 (Durham), Charleston-mom, Baglovingmom (Charlotte), Sophia (SC).....I'm Sure There Are More.....

    Does Anyone Else Want A Signature????? :smile:

    Talk To You Soon! :smile:
  11. I did have a couple of thoughts on timing. Since we're mid-October already and Christmas shopping hits its stride BIG TIME the day after Thanksgiving, we might want to consider getting together before Thanksgiving if we are doing a Saturday. Or maybe just hold off until the first of the year if that's not enough notice for the folks not in the immediate area.

    Any of you that have been near Southpark Mall during the Christmas shopping madness know what I mean! Of course if we opt for a weekday or Sunday instead, we wouldn't have the problem with the weekend crowds. Whatcha'll think?

    My vote on husbands: take their credit cards and leave them at home! :roflmfao:
  12. I want to come too! Will you let me know when you pick?
  13. ^^^You betcha, charleston-mom!! When bagluv and I concocted this, we agreed we wanted anyone from tPF that could come to be there!!!

    Keep an eye on this thread and please vote for your preferred days, times, etc. :rochard:
  14. Oh yes, I'm in! Can't wait to meet you all in person. Any Sat or Sun or weekday with enough notice to take the day off work. I agree with Prada, not between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And whole heartedly agree - NO HUSBANDS - mine has no idea about all these bags. I can't even take him into NM, he might recognize one of my bags, then check the price - really, he has NO idea.
  15. I am fairly new and really haven't meet most of you yet on the forum, but I live in the Charlotte area if you have any questions. The South Park area is a great choice- tons of shopping and lots of great places to eat. As was mentioned above, the mall gets super crazy after Thanksgiving.