Charlotte NM stock

  1. Just got back from NM in Charlotte, NC. I forgot my camera:sad: but I will try my best to describe what they have.

    -Jumbo classic flap in black with gold and black with siler
    -Jumbo classic flap white, don't remember the hardware
    -timeless clutch in perforated blue and perforated black and white caviar
    -GST beige with gold
    -Cotton club blue reporter
    -Silver cotton club rectangle shap bag, not the really small one. They had the small one in bronze.
    -Black soft and chain
    -White soft and chain hobo
    -Black sombrro like the ultimate soft shape (I know I didn't spell that right:p ) and a red rectangular shaped one from that same collection.
    -Beige medallion tote
    -diagonal CC bag in blue, black, and an off white
    -Black with black patent Cambon tote large
  2. Thanks for the update! I love when people post what is in other boutiques.

  3. Thank you for posting.
  4. Thanks for the information....
  5. Thanks for the information. You are so sweet to think of all of us...