Charlotte NM stock good stuff!

  1. -GST (they were calling it the classic tote large but I think is the same thing) with silver h/w price $1750!
    -Several rock and chain bags: black flap, don't know the name but they have the hobo type bag that comes in small and large size
    -classice tote in red caviar with modern chain
    -tons of madison's
    -Denim coco cabas
    -Jumbo caviar flap in white silver h/w
    -lots of accessories
    -black flap with the real big chain links (not sure of the name:shrugs: )

    The SA said they just got a ton of new stock so you might try giving a call if you are looking for something. My regular SA Natasha was not there today so I don't know who to tell you to ask for:p
  2. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

    (I think the large chain bag is the modern chain flap)
  3. What color was the GST?
  4. GST was black caviar. There was also a patent bowler in black.
  5. There was also an amazing gold flap, yummy!