Charlotte, NC

  1. Hey guys! As some of you might already know, I live in New Orleans. Theres like a 99% chance we are moving to Charlotte, NC in about a month.

    So, I was wondering what you guys can tell me about the city. Does anyone on here live there? What are some good shops? What do teenagers (like 15 y.o) do for fun?

    Any information would be helpful. Ive already googled it and stuff, I just wanted to hear about it from people like you guys....

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi! How Are You? I Live In Charlotte. We Moved Here Less Than 2 Yrs. Ago. I Had Only Come To Visit (& Some For Work).....& To Check Out Where We Wanted To Live. We Come From Boston & NY. I Never Lived In The South. I Really Like Here. The Weather Is The Best!!! :smile:

    The Shopping Is Really Good...Of Course It's Not Manhattan, But, We Have Some Great Stores & Malls. Actually, There Is A Lot Here.

    What Do Teenagers Do For Fun Here? Hmmm. Well, It's A Like Any Where Else. I Work With CLer's Of Ages (Mostly Teens). They Always Seem To Be Having A Blast!!!

    Any Others Questions....Feel Free To Ask...OK?! Kara :smile:
  3. I'm 30 so I'm an old lady to you LOL!! I'm an NC native but have only lived here for 2 years. The shopping is plentiful!!! Hermes is coming and NM finally opens in September. We have LV, Tiffany, St. John, etc. There are tons of transplants here, and I have yet to meet anyone who does not like it here!
  4. I'm BagLovingMom2 Of Charlotte! Ha! (It's A Compliment To Me ~ Because She Is So Sweet!)& I'm The Old Lady Here...I'm 34.....But, I'm Soooo 18, At Heart!!!!!

    I'm Going Out Of My Mind For Neimans & Hermes.......
  5. hahha ok well just for the record 34 is NOT old!! But the shopping does sound good and from what ive heard EVERYONE loves it.

    Does anyone know anything about MYers Park? Because thats where we're looking at houses so I was wondering if that was a nice neighborhood? (i've never seen it, thats why im asking!)

  6. Myers Park is one of the oldest most prestigious neighborhoods in Charlotte, it's a beautiful area (with off the chart property values :biggrin: ) Many of Charlotte's wealthiest live there! It's beautiful, my parents are actually getting ready to close on a home there you will love it, the school system is tremendous!! Myers Park High School is nicer than many colleges! A few months ago Charlotte was featured in the Lucky Mag shopping guide, lots of great shopping for everyone!
  7. ahs483 ~ You Are So Sweet!!! I Vote For Charlotte!!!!! I Hope You Move Here.....We Can Go Shopping Anytime!!!!! :smile: