Charlotte, NC tpfers

  1. It's the Nordstrom parking deck. Same one I always use.
  2. Are you serious?!!!! OMG! I shop at South Park mall almost every week. I should call my mother. Hopefully, she was not there. Do you know if anyone got hurt?
  3. One person killed.
  4. I'm glad your mom is okay.

    I feel really sick, my dd and I were parked in that lot at 11am today. I've gotten 5 or 6 phone calls from friends, we are all checking in to make sure that everyone is safe.

    That poor person.
  5. ^ OMG. I am so happy you are also OK! My friend in NY just told me that it was on CNN!!!! I really hope that no one else was hurt or killed. :sad:
  6. Oh my scary!! Is a parking deck the same thing as a parking garage? That has always been one of my worst fears is one of those things collasping when I'm parked in there. That poor person.
  7. Yes, they are pretty much the same thing. I am always freaked by them, but I never actually thought they would really collapse!
  8. OMG, that's horrible. That is where I park when I go to that mall.
  9. My co-worker just came from there because he went to the Apple Store at lunch. He told me that they are not letting anyone take their cars from there until they know it is safe.

    Another co-worker told me that an old woman had a heart attack in her car and crashed into the wall which caused the collapse...but it has not been confirmed yet.
  10. i worry...becuase i thought pat and elaine were there today?
  11. i know. but i worry like nothing else...
  12. Omg, I know, my Dad called me asking if I was there or not, in a panic- I was just there, under that parking deck yesterday when I stopped by Hermes. Scary stuff, it's even worse that there was a death :sad: