Charlotte NC Ladies, Look Out: NM Chanel Trunk Show!!!

  1. Just got an invite today. It's Tuesday, August 21st. :yahoo:

    Pity I'm broke, but thought I'd let you guys know.
  2. maybe I should post . . . our's is Friday.
    I don't know why I haven't posted that! LOL!
  3. Oh, I'd love to go with you Prada Psycho - Don't I owe you a drink or something? ;)

    If anyone goes to the trunk show please look for a black flap bag with a chevron type design. Not really pleats. Kind of like quilting that makes a big V. I've been thinking and thinking about that bag and haven't seen it anywhere. NM in Chicago had it at their trunk show.
  4. does anyone know when it is for southern Cal?
  5. Yes you do, Darlin! I won't be letting you off the hook either. :graucho:

    That flap sounds like the one the model is holding in the card Natasha send with the trunk show info. It's AWESOME. I'm cringing just wondering what that puppy is going to sell for though!:wtf:
  6. Got mine in the mail today- why do I always have to be out-of-town:hysteric: Can't wait for your report.
  7. I'm wondering this too. When is the next Neiman Marcus Chanel trunk show at either Beverly Hills or Fashion Island Newport Beach?

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  8. OMG - can you scan it? I'll owe you a pitcher then!!
  9. Elaine, I just opened mine too. Unfortunately I'll be in Charlotte that day at the airport --------on my way to Vegas baby. Are you going? Can't wait for your report.
  10. Can anyone scan the invite? I'm dying to see if that is my bag. I'm going to be so freakin' po'd. I always want the "weird" or "non it" bag and if it is on the invite - forgettaboutit.
  11. dying to wait for your reports girls. For those of us who don't have any trunk shows. We are counting on this! thanks in advance girls
  12. I Got Mine, Too....Should Be A Nice Day!;)
  13. Unfortunately, another trunk show I'll miss. Darn it!!!!

    I wish they had them on the weekends.

    Lib, are you going to buy Chanel while you're in Vegas? Are you taking DH?

    Elaine, I know you're going to go. You're way too close. Come on fess up. LOL (PS - How are you feeling?)
  14. Debbie, Doing better, thanks. Hope it lasts. :push:

    Actually, I doubt I'll bother, in part because it's a weekday. Also, there's just not enough oxygen in the average oxygen tank to resuscitate me when I see those PRICE TAGS!! :wtf:

    Max, I'll see if I can get a decent scan of the invitation tonight, but don't get your hopes up. The "theme color" is black, so the bag is black, the model's clothing and boots are back and the whole card is darkish. Hey, if you want the actual thing, PM your address to me. I'll happily mail it to you. I KNOW DH would love to get the thing out of the house! :roflmfao:
  15. Hey Debbie. No I'm not taking my husband to Vegas - he's taking me. He will be in seminars during the day so I'll be able to shop all day without him - YEAH. I'll cut the price tags off before he gets back to the hotel room!!!!!!!!!!! Of course I'll check out Chanel but I really need clothes more than bags right now. Would love a classic E/W in white or maybe a color and also want a brown GST, but my checking acct is hoping I'll pass on a new bag. You know, a Chanel bag can really do wonders for a neutral, plain outfit - but when you're wearing worn out rags, even a Chanel can't help - really really need some new clothes for the fall & winter.

    Elaine, glad you're feeling well. When is our next get together?