Charlotte, NC area members--please help!

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  1. Our local NBC affiliate (WCNC) is looking for tPF members who are willing to share information on the problem that counterfeit bags pose to all of us. If you are available to speak with the producer of an upcoming story, please contact me. Thanks so much!
  2. Is this just for people around NC? Sounds really interesting!
  3. Actually, NO! If you have fallen victim to a counterfeit bag scam online or otherwise purchased a bag in good faith from a store that later turned out to be fake, then the station would love to know. Please share! Thanks!!
  4. Count me in!! I've gotten a couple fakes in my beginner days. I'd be happy to share my story and drop a few names!

    Is this for only MJs, or any designer?
  5. is this just MJ?

    It's in this Forum but seems like it would be better in Handbags?
  6. It's for all handbags--not just MJ!
  7. aaah, well, MJ isn't the busiest Forum, do you mind if I move it to Handbags & Purses?
    Chances are it'll get more exposure there:yes:
  8. so your story made it??
  9. I'm not sure if this will help but here are images of a fake MJ coin purse I found at NMLC in Denver:

    Attached Files:

  10. ^^Oh wow Melly. That's an ugly fake! How scary that it made its way to NMLC!
  11. Moved to handbags since this is a general bag will get more answers here.
  12. I'm in Charlotte; what do you have to do?