Charlotte Hermes is so nice!

  1. I made my first visit to the Charlotte Hermes yesterday and was treated very well. My goal was to find 2 scarves and maybe ties and the SA, Jason, was very helpful. It wasn't intimidating, just very pleasant.

    Several posters here have said this is a really friendly store and you are so right!
  2. i love them there! i haven't been in but the person i deal with on the phone is an absolute doll. so good to know they're super irl too.
  3. I've been there and yes, what a great experience it was. They are down to earth and helpful and knowledgeable and ... lots of fun!
  4. Its good to read about positive experience at Hermes boutique
  5. Hehe I just stopped in the other day to pick up a twilly and try on some bags, and spent about 30 minutes with Jason examining different leather accessories :biggrin: He's a sweetie! All of the Charlotte SA's are so lovely and pleasant! I love making trips in there, as it's always a lovely way to spend a bit of a free day :yes:

    I'm glad you had a great experience! ^_^
  6. gosh, sorry i missed you guys, boxermom and neeya, i was in briefly on thursday.

    LOVE the charlotte store! the folks there are always nice and believe me, i go there quite a bit :blush:
  7. I wish I lived closer---SouthPark is the greatest (and I've been to some large malls before). When I was in there Friday morning, there were no other women customers, oddly enough. There were a couple of men. But they really make you feel welcome.