Charlotte - Hermes boutique

  1. I'm currently planning a trip to the to Charlotte, NC area sometime this summer. Ive been reading the threads about the Charlotte boutique, and I am curous. I am looking to pick up an agenda, probably a Ulysses, a men's wallet, a tie, and probably my all time favorite scent, ROCABAR. What is their stock of men's leather accessories like? I thinking that since it is a new boutique that have a very good pickings. One of my friends was recently in Charlotte, but he didn't have time to get to South Park Mall. However, he told me he heard that the store had good stock, but they had such a high demand that they were running out of some items.
  2. I have only dealt with the store over the phone and I will say that the staff is totally charming.
  3. They have a number of nice men's wallets on display in the very back glass display case, but I can't tell you how much they have in stock. TON of womens wallets, though! In terms of Ulysse's, I believe they have orange, vert anis, blue jean, and some other colors. Just so you know the Ulysse doesn't have an agenda insert; but they have some nice agendas that are around the same size and range from $340ish to $600+. The Charlotte SA's are the sweetest people, so I'm sure you'll have fun!