Charlotte Gainsbourg to Front Balenciaga Scent

  1. ^^Really?! I'll have to check it out. Did they describe the scent at all? I know she has a new cd coming out in feb. so maybe they're doing both at the same time?
  2. a floral with violet and moss. Sounds interesting.
  3. it's a floral with violet and moss. Sounds interesting!
  4. ^^That sounds very interesting! I can't wait to smell it!!! :yahoo:
  5. Here's what the blurb in Bazaar says:

    Balenciaga's New Scent

    Charlotte Gainsbourg, the stylish and hauntingly beautiful actor-singer daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, is not only the face of the new fragrance Balenciaga Paris ($95), she is also the inspiration. "I wanted to please her," designer Nicolas Ghesquière tells Bazaar. "We shared the whole process." The resulting spritz, housed in a bottle that reflects the egg shape Cristobal Balenciaga made famous, is a chic, feminine floral with violet and moss"
  6. I can't wait to smell this.
  7. When does it debut again?
  8. HA HA! Thanks RERE, I was just thinking about going wild and I read your post!

    (containing myself now...)
  9. charlotte is such a lucky woman, team up with nicolas, model for bal, get bal items for free and before other girls. can't envy her more.
  10. Went to Harvey Nichols today and saw them out on display. Smells flowery but not overpowering!
  11. So, it's a light floral? White flowers perhaps?
  12. "A floral chypré with notes of violets, carnations, cedar and patchouli" :graucho:
  13. Cant wait to try this!