Charlotte Gainsbourg to Front Balenciaga Scent

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  1. #1 Jul 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2009
    I can't wait to smell this!


  2. OOh this will drive KDC wild. I think she loves Charlotte's Black Day with Black dress look.
  3. i love the old BALENCIAGA SCENT"LE DIX"it was a powdery scent with violets and iris...i am very curious to smell the new fragrance:graucho:
  4. omg im so excited :biggrin:
  5. Me too. I love all things Charlotte and all things Bal, so I'm very excited about this!
  6. Wow! I'm SOO intrigued.
  7. ^^I know, me too! I wonder what kind of scent she will create? I remember from the French Vogue feature on her a year or so ago - she said she never wears perfume, but loved the scent of (Johnson's?) baby powder since it reminded her of her childhood.

    At first when I read this I was thinking of some really edgy scent - but then I remembered that article and thought maybe it will be a softer fragrance.

    Can't wait to smell!
  8. OH I LOVE the smell of baby powder. I'm constantly sniffing my youngest - an 8-month-old baby LOL. I also like the smell of freshly soaped skin, mixed with a little of the person's own musk. That sounds like something Charlotte would wear wouldn't it? :yes: Sorry, I'm projecting again :P

    ChloeGlamour did mention earlier that there was an old Bal scent that was powdery...

    I'm also dying to see what the campaign will look like. What will Charlotte wear? And what bag will appear? (if at all .. I'm so sad :nuts:)
  9. very interested to find out what the scent is like!! I think i will remember this 7 months from now ;)
  10. great, but is it for men? Will there also be one for women?
  11. I love beautiful fragrances, if it is for women I will try it out definitley =)
  12. it is for women!!!:smile: and charlotte gainsbourg is the model of the campaign and the famous nose jacques polge created a lot of famous parfums such as


    THE BOTTLE has a nice design ....
  13. good morning "F" :hugs:
    oohhh charlotte gainsbourg, I love her!


    I am curious what kind of base smell it is?
  14. good morning bella:smile: ...uhmm i've heard there are violet leaves in the fragrance will arrive in stores in february 2010