Charlotte Church kicks out Gavin Henson after hearing of infidelity

  1. [​IMG]Charlotte Church has reportedly thrown her boyfriend, Welsh rugby player Gavin Henson, out of their home after hearing that he has been unfaithful. The singer, who is six months pregnant with their first child, was devastated to hear that Gavin had allegedly been seen kissing a shop assistant called Tracy Donnelly. Gavin is said to be staying with his mother while Charlotte decides whether to call time on their relationship. A source claimed: "Gavin is gutted that he got caught out, but Charlotte isn't listening to any of his excuses. She is very angry at the moment."
  2. uh oh!

    We don't know what the true story is yet, but men who cheat on their pregnant partners must be the most sickest kind :hrmm:.
  3. Notice it said that "Gavin is gutted that he GOT CAUGHT OUT!" yes - not gutted that he made a mistake, or gutted that he hurt Charlotte, No just gutted he got caught!!!

    Honestly - will they never learn!
  4. Poor girl, sadly this is not suprising
  5. No one deserves this.. especially while pregnant and there's so many things going on !
  6. Probably also gutted that he lost his meal ticket.
  7. That's terrible. And she's young too!
  8. oh dear :sad:
  9. As Rhett Butler says to Scarlett, "You aren't sorry you did it. You are sorry you got caught."
  10. Totally agree with Ali - he's gutted he got caught. :rolleyes:

    I hope for her sake it isn't true and just yet another piece of UK tabloid journalism!
  11. If true, deeply sorry for her and the baby. She does not deserve to be stressed at this phase in her pregnancy!
  12. Oh no, that is bad news, she gave up smoking because he hated it, she is having their baby, he should be pushed out the door!x
  13. If this is true, I hope she sticks to her guns and doesn't hear the excuses. She doesn't need years of drama wondering if he will be true on top of this shock, hurt and humiliation. She ought to walk and leave him high and dry.
  14. This is really sad- I can not imagine the pain she is going through right now, especially being 6 months pregnant.
  15. I completely forgot she's pregnant.

    ITA with you ladies, he's not sorry he cheated, just that he got caught!