Charlotte Church Dyes Her Hair Bright* RED* And Forgot To....

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  1. Dye Her Roots !!! :nuts:


    Family affair: Charlotte with her mother Maria - and Ruby in a baby capsule - left the restaurant after a celebratory lunch in Bridgend, Wales today

    Charlotte Church may have been hoping to brighten up her look to mark her 22nd birthday, but it appears her makeover didn't exactly go to plan.

    The new mother revealed her new fiery red locks as she stepped out today for low key celebratory lunch with her family.
    But with her brassy tresses scraped back tightly off her face, she revealed her unsightly dark brown roots had been overlooked
  2. ..and her ends

    who is she? actress?
  3. Looks so cheap.
  4. ^ ya, not so cute.
  5. looks really bad!!!!!!
  6. Ew, that's really not cute!
  7. I wouldn't really call that bright red but she did do a terrible job dying it.
  8. its a really bad dye job... i'm sure she can afford better.
  9. Ick, she once was such a sweet little girl with such a big voice. Now she looks misguided and bleh.
  10. chavtastic!
  11. ^ I was thinking EXACTELY the same thing!
  12. Not a good choice at all.
  13. if she paid for that she should get her money back.