charlize's bag!

  1. :love: [​IMG]
    she is always hot and i love her bag
  2. Is it a Be&D?
  3. Yup, Be&D.
  4. Yup its Be & D.
    Availiable at NM, retails for around $746.
    Here are some pics, (The first pic is of the actual bag she is carrying, the second and third are a slightly more expensive version and retail for around $1,180.
    Its also availiabe in a woven version (See fourth pic.) This one retails for around $1,720.
    And finally is available in a python version (fitfh pic) This retails for around $3,380.

    Hope this helps!
    NMV6084_mp.jpg NMV6023_mp.jpg NMV7099_mn.jpg NMV7092_mp.jpg NMV6299_mp.jpg
  5. I read an article about her when she was just starting out with no money, no job,etc. She was discovered in a bank when she was cashing her last cheque,the teller for some reason didn't want to cash her cheque and this guy came to her rescue who happens to be a talent agent. Oprah, who interviewed her for this article asked her If her stunning looks was a big factor and although she had a hard life then, being pretty certainly helps.
  6. Love the Be & D! Not sure what's going on with that shawl/sweater thing...
  7. That sweater thingy is a little wacky. But the bag looks great on her. She's so lovely.:yes:
  8. Love her ballet flats. Anyone know what brand those are?
  9. I didn't know that! Intersting info.
  10. hahahahahahahahhahaahahahahaha
  11. that's a nice bag, i like the shoes too.
  12. BE&D Crawford?
  13. LOVE Charlize!!!!!!!!! The bag is awesome, too!
  14. i think london sole flats?
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