Charlize Theron @ The Grocery Store

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. she's ok. bleh
  3. Not looking as lovely here
  4. lookin' rough.
    she put on a few lbs.
  5. Oh, please, she's still skinnier than 95% of America. What is she supposed to do, throw on a Chanel gown before traipsing down the toilet paper & household cleanser aisle? She's GROCERY SHOPPING, not walking the red carpet!
  6. i don't like what she is wearing though, doesn't flatter her gorgeous figure!
  7. I have to agree...she's still clearly beautiful woman.
  8. She's a really pretty person, even when she's just out grocery shopping she still manages to look good. I don't like that outfit though its not flattering at all and it reminds me of M&S pj's.
  9. She looks just fine!
  10. she looks fine to me...
  11. Nice to see that she shops for her own groceries. She could probably use a bra - but whatever.

    If the paparazzi followed me to the grocery store...yikes! She normal and human - and I kinda like the fact that she doesn't hire a stylist to follow her around 24/7 like some celebs. Makes me respect her a little bit. She's beautiful.
  12. I dont see a problem with the way she looks at all.
  13. I think she looks cute... that material isn't generally flattering on anyone. But it's grocey store.
  14. she looks adorable.
  15. She's stunning! OK, she's going to the grocery store...gawd if I ever had a few pix snapped of me at the store y'all would freak ;) .
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