Charlize Theron Is the Sexiest Woman Alive

  1. According to Esquire Magazine

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  2. She is gorgeous and classy. All the power to her!
  3. Great choice they made! She's gorgeous, classy and really natural. Love her.
  4. She's beautiful, great choice.
  5. Not my personal choice for sexiest woman alive, but she is in the HOT category for sure.
  6. beautiful!!!
  7. She's beautiful..but I don't know about being sexiest woman alive...
  8. She is a complete stunner. Yep, I can see what the decision was based on. If I was male, she'd definitely be on my pyramid of desire! :graucho:
  9. She is sooo gorgeous, I love her.
  10. :tup:

    P.S. DH agress with Esquire, BTW!:lol:
  11. Beautiful..............for sure!
    I don't know about the 'alive' part because there are some very beautiful,sexy women out there that are not in front of the camera.
  12. Hot !!!
  13. she's gorgeous
  14. I think she's a good choice....and I think what makes her so sexy is that she's not obsessed about looking sexy.
  15. I think you are right - she's effortlessly sexy.